Susie is a journalist, playwright and singer-songwriter. She’s a time-traveler nostalgic for the future, a perfectionist aware of the impossibility of perfection. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, she spent the majority of her childhood in a dripping forest under grey-marbled sky, feeding books into a bonfire in her backyard.

She began her marshmallow-roasting career in college. While her marshmallows have become a lot less half-baked over the last several years, she’s still far from launching her professional marshmallow-roasting career (a profession that’s a lot more difficult than it first appears.) One day, she hopes to roast the perfect s’more. But if college has taught her anything, it is that nobody knows what a perfect s’more is, the definition of perfection is totally in flux, and furthermore, it may not exist. After all, tastes range. Some people like white and fluffy marshmallows. Some like their chocolate melted – or none at all. Some like charred crusts and gooey centers. Some – vegans, mostly, and Miss America hopefuls – just stare into the sugary smoke, full of the bitterness of wishing. 

So instead of trying to please everybody, Susie has decided to dedicate the next few years to figuring out what her perfect s’more looks like. If want to taste-test her attempts, contact susancneilson (at) gmail (dot) com.